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Anti Gravity is the name of a group of people who plays basketball, in some planet call Earth and on some island call Singapore. Exact places are highly confidential.

This blog is maintained by many of our crew members.
Thanks for coming and enjoy your stay!
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flames with anonymous or impersonated names are definitely expected.
But, read this:
"On the Internet, no one knows that you are a dog."

When people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other.
Please, Be Original.

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Chalet Synopsis 2014
Sunday, July 20, 2014   1:02 PM

Aloha Loyang Garden Terrace A, 18-20 Jul 2014
Day 1:
It was 4.30pm, Chunqian, Qianyou, Menghao, Adrian checked in the chalet. The checking in process was plagued with a shit ton of unexpected problems. But the quartet sucked it in with all their might and did their best to climb out of the 10m deep, pool of human waste. They then proceed towards the terrace, where Yaoxiang was there waiting for them. Chalet was smaller than expected, but we have lived through worse (the one at Downtown East ><)! It was a single storey terrace house, with a living room, 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, 1 bathroom and a toilet. After a short while from entering the chalet, Theresah came. Moments later, Alan and Jingho arrived in their cab, with all the food supply needed for survival in this chalet. Yiliang and Boonhan who were suppose to come with them, came later. (reasons coming soon) The process of setting up the BBQ pit was also an EXCRETIONating (Word play / Pun) one. Due to miscommunication, several essential items were missing, we had to resort to looting, and lanlaning go buy. Nonetheless, the experienced sewage swimmers did what had to be done and the BBQ pit was all set and ready to go! Some started cooking, some readied the house, some played soccer. In the not so evening but perhaps earlier evening, chinyuan came. Then, in the more to the night but maybe still evening evening, Weiliang and Huisi came. In the confirm is night and definitely not evening, Choonsze came, followed by Joanne. Plates of whipped cream were toss around for fun. Food prepared by BBQ was scrumptious, under the leadership of AG's head chef Master Chew! (Choonsze left at 10.15pm for I know is because of interview)

Day 2:
It was the midnight of Day 1, some sleep, some never sleep, some go walk walk, some hungry cook maggi, some chit-chatted. Dawn broke, Chinyuan left, and some of us prepared breakfast. Breakfast was splendid as it consisted of bread+nutella+egg+cinnamon powder. Later, Choonlin arrived, only to be greeted with extreme unhappiness SINCE ALL SHE DOES IS WATCH TV EAT AND SLEEP. That aside, we ate fried rice for lunch. In the afternoon, we wanted to play soccer, the rain came and go, came and go. The rain eventually went off, and we also went off to the "soccer court". Chuming and Jiliang came during soccer. After soccer, some swam, some bath, some make dinner. Chinyuan came back. Dusk broke, Chef Chew took control of the kitchen and prepared dinner for the rest. Choonsze came back, Suping came. Dinner was beyond awesome, rice, tofu, otah, sambal kangkong, some vege, fried and stew chicken... Thanks Yiliang!
Suping, Weiliang and Huisi left. Weiliang came back later.

Day 3:
It was the last day, and we tried hard to survive through midnight. Moives, talk cock, soccer, chair breaking, blah blah blah.... At approximately 8am Chinyuan and Choonsze left. Everyone left in the chalet either slept for a while or made breakfast. By 9am most of us woke up, At 9.30am, some of us started packing. We made our way to check out, and then all went separate ways.

A few conclusions and opinions on this chalet.
-Mahjong is not a must, because this chalet bo mahjong
-There are insufficient beds (DEJAVU?). In both nights, some people had to sleep with a measly 2 cushion on the floor. They definitely had it rough. With back and neck ache, not to mention a bad sleep. As you read this post, do remember to treat these people better, they don't deserve this, nobody does :'(
- Too much food, but all good food!
-Slight seperation, but it can't be helped, really...
-Chalet was over in a blink of an eye. Time really flies.
-A single regret. (were there any?)

Chalet was _____________ and ________________________________ in future... We sincerely thank each other for the fun we had. Anti Gravity FTW....

Sign off
Anti Gravity

May Jordan bless you.

Happy New Year ( part 1)
Sunday, January 30, 2011   4:05 PM

New year is coming soon!
Freaking looking forward.
i am too lazy to thing of something now,

just check out the video below

May Jordan bless you.

virgin post in 2011
Friday, January 28, 2011   12:54 AM

Found this fucking cool video/song on one of my favorite band, take a look if you are a fan of magic/poker

Ima want to update one sasha video on my facebook everyday, do tell me if anyone wants it, hes one of my favorite baller and he's one funny guy.


May Jordan bless you.

Sexposed on teevee!
Thursday, December 9, 2010   10:05 PM

Means Huat?

May Jordan bless you.

This blog is on hiatus for so long...
Thursday, December 2, 2010   1:09 AM

lets start with a hearty song shall we!

May Jordan bless you.

field sho muddy..
Saturday, October 23, 2010   2:06 AM

come in sarpork me hokay?


prease copy and paste, cause moi linking fail.

May Jordan bless you.

celtics. we have a problem.
Thursday, October 21, 2010   7:25 PM

Apparently, someone decide to change his occupation, from balling to acting


May Jordan bless you.

hou mai dog
Friday, October 1, 2010   1:41 AM

this ish serious, no joke

May Jordan bless you.

ask a .....ho?
Monday, September 27, 2010   10:08 PM

i took my godamn time to update. woot
this woman=epicness

May Jordan bless you.

moody song for a moody me
Wednesday, September 15, 2010   3:13 PM

listen liao to this song became jin moody :(

May Jordan bless you.